Dr. Jane Mulemwa: "We can't pay as much as the oil companies do. We are just starting from scratch. We will rely of patriotism" "We are going to the recruitment phase. We're making sure that we recruit the right people on board. Otherwise we are doomed"
What i did for Mbarara Municipality speaks for itself, the projects that came to Mbarara during my time are there, i don't need to talk about them.
One on one with Maria Mabinti Kamara, ICC Coordinator for Uganda and Kenya
Richard Byarugaba : There are more bank accounts than mobile accounts and this is a good trend for the future.
She talks about land issues in the country, age limit and why she joined NRM
What was KCCA's argument? "They had a feeling that whoever worked with KCCA back then wasn't fit 2 work with the new body"
Francis Babu: The problem with Uganda is we have fantastic plans but unfortunately we have an implementation problem Babu to Pres. Museveni: Stop preserving yourself, being nice to all of us, gutter politics of divide and rule must stop
What is happening(misunderstanding between Mao and Nambooze) has happened before, the state is a powerful body everywhere in the world. They are turning the DP into a subsidiary of NRM. The state which is NRM has been disorganizing parties that challenge its power.
Journalist and Filmmaker, Bart Kakooza speaks out
By the time you see bad service anywhere, just know the problem is everywhere else because the fish rots from the head.
"M7 is repeating a marxist ideology where he thinks people can work without being paid. This is wrong & that ideology will fail"
Mukula: I have alot of hope in Muhoozi (President's son). Even if he is not in power, he will do alot of change.