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This show runs from monday to friday and helps you start your day fully informed of what is going on in the country

Early Morning Activity at Ggaba Landing Site

Early Morning Activity at Ggaba Landing Site.

2017 Will Go Down as the Worst Year in History of...

Current Political State.

Transport Fares Remain Constant in Gulu Even After Christmas

Spot check on Transport Fares After Christmas.

Henry Kasacca and Rwomushana on Current State of Affairs

Rwomushana: There was a coup against the sovereignty of people of Uganda. People's sovereignty has been taken away by this scientific coup Kasacca: This bill...

Age Limit After Math, What Next? (Isreal Mayengo, Prof. Baryamureeba’) –...

Owek. Mayengo: Were they serving the Speaker or they were serving Kadaga? The court might have known that it was impossible to serve the...

Age Limit After Math, What Next? (Isreal Mayengo, Prof. Baryamureeba) Part...

With this amendment that has given President Museveni 14 years on top of the current term, he will be very tired -- he would...

Hon. Nsamba Squashes Age Limit Bill

Members of NRM whose people have said don't amend the constitution, please don't succumb to pressure and fear

Gen Tumukunde on Age Limit: No One Facilitates Himself Out of...

Ugandans can choose a new leader when they want. In the last Parliament, they voted 80% MPs out. Ugandans can vote leaders out

Age Bill Report Expected Today (Frank Tumwebaze)

Presidential Age Limit report.
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