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Gen. Jeje Odong: I am not here to mourn for Kaweesi. I am here to celebrate the life of Kaweesi. He is not dead but merely transitioning to another world.
A call for sanity in police
A number of Ugandan students are scheduled for benchmarking trip to turkey on latest global science trends. The Turkish government working with TIKA, an NGO dealing in humanitarian products will interest students in areas of science and innovation.
: Let us first build up a proper case and then we communicate to the public
Kasirye Gwanga ku Nsonga Y'okwokya "Grader"
I find the ruling of the speaker weird, she adjourned the house and then suspended us.
MPs react to alleged presence of soldiers in the parliamentary chapel.
Dr. Kizza Besigye: 'No force can overwhelm the will of the people if they're better organised" Dr. Kizza Besigye "If our farmers retained their food in their houses, even the most armed regime would starve Dr. Kizza Besigye: The people's government invites you to do two things; 1) become part of...
The former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has set terms on the dialogue with president Museveni. Besigye says FDC party is open to a structured national dialogue if the NRM party agrees to base it on the Audit of elections. Besigye disclosed this while addressing party supporters at the...
President Museveni's Full Speech at Uganda's 55th Independence Day Celebrations
Government of Uganda has lifted the ban on exportation of labor to sub Sahara countries which were imposed after various complaints of sexual harassment and torture by sub Sahara nationals. According to the minister of gender, labor and social development Janat Mukwaya, the agreement will include fully paid-up insurance...
Gulu DPC Shot, in Critical Condition.